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We have footwear for women, men and children from hundreds of brands – always in stock! Welcome to Footway. Here with us, you are always the centre of attention. We have built a shoe store with focus on a wide selection, with shoes for all occasions. With us you will find your new favourite shoes from hundreds of brands and more than thousands of models.


Everybody needs shoes. And everybody wants shoes. There is no equivalent in fashion to shoes – they are greater than everything else. With the help of a stylish pair of shoes you build your entire look. They are the foundation. Shoes come in heaps of different styles, everything from lined boots to summery sneakers. At Footway, we are constantly working on widening our selection to offer the right shoes. On our site, you will find six different stores: Casual & Flats, Sneakers & Sports shoes, Boots & Heeled boots, Sandals & Slippers, Laced boots & Boots and our beloved Heels. Together they make thousands of shoes, distributed over our different stores. In other words, something for everyone.

Footwear online

Luckily, times are changing. A few years ago, it was unusual for people to buy their shoes online. Difficult ordering processes, poor selections and long delivery times were obstacles standing in our way. Today it’s different. Shoes online is the best way to buy footwear. Buying shoes online from us is hassle-free, affordable and simple. Lean back in your chair, browse among hundreds of brands to find your new favourite shoes. You can always use our smart filters to make your search a little easier.

Vagabond shoes and lots of other brands

Swedish Vagabond has manufactured footwear for more than 50 years and is one of our best-sellers. Vagabond shoes have efficiently managed to mix high fashion with everyday wear and have reached a wide audience. It started in Sweden and Vagabond has now spread to 42 countries and they find most inspiration to their designs in both Italy and Portugal where Vagabond has had design offices. At Footway, we have hundreds of Vagabond models so you can be sure to find something you like from Vagabond shoes. Besides Vagabond, we have heaps of exciting brands such as Converse, Nike, adidas, Duffy, Johnny Bulls and many more.

Affordable shoes

Buying shoes online is great in many ways: it’s fast, simple and fun. But of course, the price matters as well – at Footway we have thousands of affordable shoes and we have exciting sales on both brands and shoe styles. Affordable shoes does not mean poor quality shoes; it means a more fun shopping experience. At Footway, we are able to offer so many affordable shoes thanks to our enormous selection (we have about 700 000 shoes in our warehouse) and also because we don’t need any brick-and-mortar stores for our business.


For shoe lovers like ourselves (and you), boots are almost the most fun. They are solid, they are visible and they are the ultimate choice for autumn and winter. Boots used to be meant for the military and for punk rockers but nowadays they have become every man’s property and it is difficult to picture a winter outfit without boots. In our store Laced boots & Boots, you will find all the boots that you need plus some you didn’t even know you needed. At Footway, you find boots from Timberland, Clarks, Kavat and hundreds of other manufacturers. At Footway you can find chukka boots, curling boots, hiking boots, Chelsea boots, sheep skin boots, lined boots and high boots.


In the mood for stylish sneakers? Then you should stop here. In our store Sneakers & Sport shoes we have loads of stylish sneakers, eagerly awaiting your feet. You will find sneakers for men, women and children in gorgeous colours or clean white hues. We have collected a solid line-up and you can revel among brands like Nike, adidas, Converse – brands that have defined and shaped the sneaker culture since day one, halfway through the last century. If you want to be extreme, you can try and beat the American Jordy Geller’s record: he owns more than 2 000 pairs of sneakers. He even has his own little museum where he displays his collection. OK, you don’t have to be all that extreme, but you do need at least one pair of sneakers. They are your best friends during the warmer seasons of the year and can be worn indoors when the cold weather is here.

Winter shoes women

There are many ways to keep your feet warm: several layers, dry socks and thick socks. But nothing beats a pair of sturdy winter shoes. We have plenty of winter shoes for girls at Footway. Brands like Timberland, Sorel, Kavat, The North Face, Eskimo and Merrell all have their own specialties to stay warm when the temperature drops below zero. One of the most important aspects is to keep the shoes fairly water-proof, which is something many manufacturers focus on. The shoes need to be completely closed with a lining that is up to standards. Browse our winter shoes to find your new favourites.

Boots women

A pair of stylish boots is always right. At Footway, we have collected our boots in the store Boots & Heeled boots – here you find thousands of different boots: high boots, ankle boots, wellies, heeled ankle boots, high-heeled boots, high wellies and lined boots. Our most popular boots come from Kavat, Viking and Hunter – all wellies. We also have heeled boots from Rieker and Vagabond, manufacturers of useful everyday boots for all occasions. Find your new favourite boots at Footway.

Winter shoes children

More than anyone else, children need something warm on their feet. Their feet easily get cold so a pair of sturdy winter shoes is necessary to keep them warm. We have thousands of children’s shoes at Footway, and several hundreds of them are winter shoes for children. Search among popular brands like Viking and Kavat to find the perfect winter shoes for your child. Don’t let cold feet stop your child’s outdoor play in the winter time. If you are looking for affordable footwear such as Laced boots & Boots, Casual & Flats, Heels, Boots & Ankle boots, Sandals & Slippers or Sneakers & Sport shoes, they are but a couple of clicks away. On the shelves in our warehouse we have footwear for women, men and children from well-known brands like Hunter, Viking, Nike, adidas Originals, adidas sport performance, Converse, Puma, Johnny Bulls, Ecco, Vans, Kavat, Dr Martens, Reebok Classic and Reebok, Chukka boots, Curling boots, Hiking boots, Chelsea Boots, Laced boots, Sheepskin boots, Lined laced boots, Lined boots, Ballerinas, Boat shoes, Canvas, Espadrilles, Loafers, Walking shoes, Dress shoes, Maryjanes, Low-heeled pumps, Pumps, High heels, Stilettos, Clogs, Low-heeled sandals, Heeled sandals, High-heeled ankle boots, High-heeled boots, Wellies, Boots, High wellies, Lined high boots, Sandals, Strap sandals, Gladiator sandals, Sport sandals, Flip flops, Crocs, Slip-ons, Sneaker boots. Just to mention a few. We promise that we will do everything to make sure it’s fun, easy and inspiring to be a customer of ours. Welcome to our store!
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