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Blundstone 500 Leather Brown

Blundstone is a company from Tasmania which is an Australian island with a lot of tough terrain. When the company was founded in 1870 there were many people working difficult jobs that required good shoes that would protect them from nature and possible workplace accidents. Blundstone became the brand that would provide these types of shoes and one of the first to put a steel cap over the toes. Even today they still produce excellent shoes that provide amazing protection. These brown leather boots have a classic design and are resistant to oils, acids and other harmful substances.

Provides great protection against weather and wind

This is a pair of Blundstone Chelsea boots which means that they are very easy to put on and take off. The soles are designed to provide excellent shock absorption and reduce back problems which are truly great features. They also have a patented moisture protection that ensures that no bacteria or sweat will damage shoes from the inside. The boots are made of high quality impregnated leather which is both durable and waterproof. What’s also so great about leather is that it will mold to your feet over time and become more and more comfortable to wear. The outsoles are made of rubber and have a deep pattern to provide a good grip. They will also protect your feet against extremely hot surfaces.

Beautiful leather and a great design

Blundstone 500 Leather Brown have a nice and sleek design and you can easily match them with a variety of clothing styles. They are made of withstand many tough conditions so you can wear them all day long during hard work. The brown colour will look great with jeans or regular trousers as well as many other colours and patterns. The best thing of all is of course the excellent protection that these shoes will provide.

Polish your boots

There are so many great products on the market today to care for leather shoes and the best tip we can give you is to remember to polish your shoes a lot to avoid that dull and dry look. Regularly moisturizing the leather will add a nice shine and give you a healthy looking shoe. Start off by removing any dirt with a soft brush and once this is done you can polish them up by using a polishing cream and a cloth.
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