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Blundstone 510 Leather Black

Blundstone started their journey in the shoe industry in the 1870s by supplying Australian workers with reinforced shoes so that they could work long hours in unbearably hot weather and rocky terrain. Blundstone 510 are very stylish and they are called Jodhpur shoes and one thing that characterizes this specific model is that they are easy to put on and take off thanks to elastic sides. These shoes also have soft insoles and won’t let any water or moisture get through which means that you are safe even if the ground happens to be very wet.

Protect against everything

There are many positive things to say about the Blundstone 510 boots. First of all they have cushioning soles that will make it very comfortable for you to walk and the soles also happen to be resistant to bacteria. You can count on your shoes staying fresh inside for a long time. The outsole is designed to be able to handle Australian summers and you can use them on surfaces that are up to 140 degrees hot. The sole also has a steel shaft inside to ensure that you are protected from cuts and to give you extra support.

Beautiful leather - easy to match

Blundstone 510 are made of high quality impregnated leather which is resistant to oil, fat and acid. The shoes are very lightweight and won’t tire out your feet easily. They are very stylish and suitable for both men and women. The beautiful leather will look nice with many clothing styles and you can match them with a pair of jeans or shorts and a variety of different shirts.

Take care of your leather boots

If you take good care of your Blundstone boots they will retain their protective properties and last for a long time. By regularly using an impregnation spray you can make sure that your boots keep a protective layer at all times that will prevent from major damage caused by moisture and water. It’s also good to brush off any dirt or dust as soon as it appears to keep a nice and clean surface.
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