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Birkenstock Arizona Regular Black

Birkenstock is a company that can be traced back all the way to 1774 when their vision of creating high quality shoes based on knowledge of the foot and orthopedics first began. This is a truly unique brand and they have learned a lot through all these years in the industry. Birkenstock Arizona Black is a slipper that feels very comfortable on the foot and the way it’s formed will have a positive effect on your body. It is designed in a way to make it perfect for people with back pain or that have problems with their feet. The slippers will mold to your feet and the sole was specifically created to give your feet the best support in just the right places. The sole is also soft and cushioning. Birkenstock Regular has two straps to ensure it fits perfectly and these slippers are meant to be worn primarily indoors, although you can wear them outside thanks to the outsole without damage.

Three materials create a perfect slipper

Birkenstock Arizona is a very special shoe, made of three different materials. The straps are made of a soft leather that will adapt to your foot. The insole is made of cork and is very comfortable and also doesn’t weigh very much. The insole is an important part of the shoe which is why Birkenstock makes sure it’s soft and provides support to your foot. The outsole is made of a durable material called EVA which makes it possible for you to wear these shoes outside because it protects much better than the cork sole.

Wear these shoes as often as you can

Birkenstock Arizona is the kind of slipper to use often and long because they are very comfortable and they provide such good support for the entire body. Especially if you are suffering from feet or back problems. It's an effective slipper and you will see what a difference a really good shoe can make. These slippers can be worn with many different clothing styles and they are perfect for someone who walks around a lot either at home or at work.

Birkenstock slippers can last for many years

Birkenstock slippers can be used for many years as the soles and leather are both durable. It will of course depend on how you care for them and when you choose to wear them. If you are looking to keep them around for as long as possible you should avoid wearing them outside, even though you can, because this will not damage them so much. If your shoes get dirty or stained you should use a damp cloth to clean them.
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Irene Benarroch
Farah, Footway

Hi Irene, size 40 will be back at the wareouse next month :wink: .

Richard Mullins
Mick Schofield
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Janine, Footway

Hi Mick
EU 42US 9-9.5UK 8 270 mm
A size 42 has the measurement of 270 (see above) :slight_smile:

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