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Hey Micke! Could you tell us about Footway’s campaigns?

Sure thing! If you need a new size and want to keep your campaign price – no problem. Just send an e-mail to myfriends@footway.co.uk or give us a call on  0800 098 8300 and we’ll help you.

How can I figure out which campaigns are running?  

You can always see which campaigns are running on the first page (after selecting your size). 

How does the 3 for 2 campaign work? 

Right, our 3 for 2 campaign is one of our most appreciated ones. When you buy three pair of shoes you DON’T get the cheapest pair for free.  However, the price of the cheapest pair is divided by three and distributed as a discount to all the shoes. So, you pay for the cheapest pair as well, but a much lower price.

I’ve bought shoes during the 3 for 2 campaign but I need another size. What to do? 

Of course you need a pair of shoes that are the right size. Place a new order for that size and contact our Customer Service. We will correct the price so that you get a refund for the 3 for 2 discount. And regarding the returned pair -  as soon as they are registered as returned that payment will be refunded. So don’t forget that you need to contact us to get the right price for the new shoes.

Confusing? Don’t worry, I’ll explain with an example: 

You order three pair of shoes and return one pair which was the wrong size. You place a new order to get the right size. The payment will be divided in two: The first part for the two initial pairs and the second for the pair you’ve returned. To get the lower price for the second order you need to contact our Customer Service. As soon as we receive the shoes you didn’t keep you will be refunded for them. Please note that you can only make one change per 3 for 2 order.

I want to change a 3 for 2 shoe to a different model that cost more. Can I keep the discount? 

No, we’re  sorry to say that the discount only stays if you change to the same model. But hey, I’m sure we can make you a happy customer anyway. Get in touch with our Customer Service and we’ll figure something out :) 

One last thing: Please keep in mind that you can’t combine campaigns, offers and codes. 

Over 1 000 000 customers

Over 600 brands in stock

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