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Shepherd Emmy Chestnut

If you want a more luxurious morning and make sure you’re always warm no matter what, you should treat yourself to a pair of Shepherd Emmy Chestnut. These slippers are made of sheep wool and designed to give your whole foot and ankle a warm and cosy feeling. They are also made of suede for a beautiful unique look. If you hate cold feet and you want to make sure your feet are always warm and comfortable this pair is a great choice.

Slippers with unique qualities

Emmy is a nice slipper that is perfect for cold winter days or chilly nights in the spring. It’s made of sheep wool and suede, which are great materials for a slipper. Wool is antibacterial, breathable and moisture absorbent and this means your feet won’t get sweaty or smell. It also means that the slippers basically clean themselves and therefore need minimal care from you. You will love putting your barefoot feet in these lovely slippers and they will keep you warm at all times.

A lovely slipper

Emmy is a popular slipper from Shepherd of Sweden and it is perfect all year round. Slippers are usually more common in the winter because this is when our feet are cold and we need something to keep us warm when it’s snowing outside, but they are just as great for spring and summer as well. The best outfit to match them with is something relaxed and comfortable so that you can just sit back and enjoy being warm and content.

Easy care instructions

Shepherd is a company that only uses high quality materials when producing slippers. Sheep wool and suede are both easy to take care of, especially the wool as it takes care of itself. It doesn’t hurt to air them out every now and then to keep them extra fresh at all times. These slippers are meant to be used indoors and shouldn’t get too dirty, but if they do, you can wash them off with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution.
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