Converse - One Star Platform White/bright Poppy/white
Converse - One Star Platform White/bright Poppy/white
Converse - One Star Platform White/bright Poppy/white

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One Star Platform White/bright Poppy/white
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Marquis Converse may have been crazy to begin making basketball shoes when all the current hoopla surrounding the game was a long shot away. Fortunately, he had the help of a former player named Chuck Taylor who was just as much a basket case. Together, they would shoot for the stars and stamp them on their now classic Converse shoes.

One Star Platform

When you want to stand tall and be heard, these shoes provide a comfortably secure platform that will kick your confidence up a notch. Besides raising you to new heights, they also have Converse logo cutouts cleverly quilted into their cotton sides which may become your own lucky stars.

Bright Poppy and White

The poppy and white color combination allows you to exhibit a bold flash of unconventional orange whether you are showing your heels to your competitors or just kicking up your heels with your friends. Wear these shoes with outfits that need a jolt of color or footwear as original as they are.

Showing Your True Colors

When those bright colors dim, sponge off the grime with damp cloth, adding a little liquid soap and rinsing if necessary. Push some crumpled paper, such as newspaper, inside the shoes so that they can hold their proper shape as they dry at room temperature.
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I love this shoe, I must admit it really complements almost every training outfit in my wardrobe. I remember my friend noticing that I looked a bit taller when I wore them for the first time because of the stacked sole. I will gladly give the shoe a five star when it comes to comfort and durability. I feel I have got the value for money considering despite my long morning and evening walks the shoe still looks pretty new some months down the line. The textile looks firm and the rubber sole untouched. I think I finally got what the trainers I have been looking for. These shoes are perfect for me, what do you guys think?

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