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Nike – a giant in the sports industry as well as the pop culture

A combination of models that are always ahead of their competitors with stylish designs, together with cutting-edge technology in both shoes and sportswear, have probably contributed to Nike's greatness. With world-renowned models AirJordan and AirMax, Nike has made a huge impact on history, both sport-wise and culture-wise. Sports stars and music stars worldwide have worn Nike's shoes, and still do. Nike is simply something that well-known stars like Lebron James, Tupak, Jennifer Lawrence and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have in common.

The story behind Nike

It all started in 1964 under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1971, the company changed its name to Nike, after the Greek goddess. After enormous success with their runners, basketball shoes and street shoes, Nike is now both a trendsetter and a sports brand. Famous models like Nike Air and Air Jordan have laid the groundwork for the brand and these classic models now share the stage with new stars like Nike LunarGlide, Nike Free and Nike AirZoom. We believe that the secret to Nike’s success lies in their ability to understand what people want, whether it is air bubbles in the sole or “barefoot shoes for running”.

Revolutionary technique and retro sneakers

There is a pair of Nikes for everyone, regardless of how often you exercise or even if you don’t exercise at all. With a gigantic selection of shoes for both everyday wear and training, Nike has shoes for almost every occasion. Classic models like AirMax and AirForce, from the late 80’s and early 90’s, were at that time the most technologically forward-thinking shoes you could wear. Today they are cult shoes that are worn by just about anyone, not only hard-core sneakers fans. With new techniques for runners such as LunarLon and Flygnit, Nike has once again revolutionised the technique for runners and we are sure we’ll see a lot more from Nike in the future as well.

Nike online at Footway

Of course you will find Nike here at Footway. With more than 400 models in our range, we cater to men, women and kids. Order your new Nike shoes from Footway and enjoy our super-fast shipping and delivery. You won’t have to wait long for your new shoes to arrive.

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