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With its Boost-technology, adidas has taken global leadership in making the best performing running shoes. So, what is Boost-technology? Simply put, with Boost-technology thousands of small foam capsules capture the shock impact and suppress it in a transforming way. By controlling and releasing the energy, Boost allows the runner to bounce off in a forward moving motion. An additional benefit is its heat absorbing capabilities. By capturing the heat from your body in cold weather, the shoes are kept soft, even in low temperatures. However, the best aspect of adidas' Boost-technology is really that the shoes are exceptionally durable! If you are a regular runner, these shoes are for you!

Boost was introduced by adidas in 2013

Everyone was in awe back in 2013 when adidas first launched their now famous Boost technology. Boost was something completely new that changed everything. Many of today's best runners swear by them. Knowing the benefits of Boost, adidas immediately decided to introduce it to their full range of running shoes. Different individuals have different needs, but no one was going to be left out when it came to the Boost technology and its amazing shock-absorbing qualities. Ever since the launch, adidas has been working with numerous celebrities, who have developed their own shoe collections with Boost. Kaney West, for example, was so overwhelmed by the sensation of wearing Boost technology shoes that he contacted adidas with the request of developing his own range.

Making your Boost runners last

You want your new Boost technology adidas shoes to last for a long time, right? If so, you need to look after them. The best regular way of maintaining you Boost shoes is to simply use lukewarm water to clean them. First make sure to remove dust, grains or dirt that may be stuck in the sole, seams or in the upper part of the shoe. This way you will avoid damaging the breathability of the shoe, as well as keeping them from wearing out too quickly. For more severe stains, add some detergent in the water, but make sure to rinse them really well. For best result, let the shoes dry in the open air.

You will find Boost in all adidas running shoes

Adidas has introduced Boost-technology to its entire range of running shoes. Choose a shoe that fits your running style and the shape of your foot. You will get Boost with any choice you make. With Boost on your feet you are bound to be satisfied with your run. Boost was developed in 2013 and adidas is making the bold statement of saying they have developed the best running shoe that the world has ever seen.

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111 results
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