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Adidas Gazelle - shoes that are part of the history of sports

Everyone knows adidas' classic three stripes. They represent innovation, quality, performance and a strong German brand. The adidas Gazelle shoe has been driving the popularity of the brand and is a trademark for all classical aspects of adidas. The Gazelle has been in the lineup forever, which is evidence of how timeless this shoe actually is.

How the Gazelle became the shoe we all know today

The Gazelle is a shoe that started off in the sports world almost 50 years ago. It was introduced as a football shoe and soon became the most popular shoe on the field. In the 80s the Gazelle seemed to have had its days as a pure performance shoe. As sneakers started to gain popularity as casual wear, the classic Gazelle moved into fashion status. The 80s saw hip-hop begin to boom, as did rap and artists started to incorporate breakdance and other street dances in their performances. This important realm of dance, music and art was key to driving the Gazelle's popularity in the 80's and beyond. The Gazelle has been launched in numerous colours and materials over the years, however the iconic look remains. Why change such a timeless, classic and popular design? It's a classic shoe for casual wear.

How to care for you adidas Gazelle

You need to know what material your shoes are made from to properly look after them. You will find material information and care advise in a little leaflet in the shoebox, or alternatively on the internet. The classic adidas Gazelle is made of nubuck leather. Before you start wearing the shoes, it's recommended to spray them regularly with a leather impregnation spray. This way, dirt and dust will be kept away.

A truly timeless fashion item - the adidas Gazelle

The Gazelle is remarkably timeless. Many young people wouldn't know the Gazelle has a history of 50 years, that's how timeless it is. The simplicity of the design makes it a great looking shoe in many different colours. The original was made from smooth leather with a rough flat rubber sole, making it easy to run on the sports field. Today, the Gazelle is made in a wide range of colour combinations and in different materials, including printed fabrics. There are even cute little Gazelles for kids.

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99 results
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