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Adidas reintroduces the LA Trainer - a shoe that makes sporting history proud

Adidas' LA Trainer is an iconic shoe. This shoe is an exact reissue of the 1984 original, with an upper part of authentic suede and mesh for comfort and breathability. It's fitted with the legendary Vario pegs, a shock absorbing system with small cylinders encapsulated in the sole, working as cushioning devices. First born in running, the LA Trainer has since been taken to the streets by retro-loving sneaker lovers.

LA Trainers - designed for 1984's Olympians, now a retro classic

The LA Trainer became a worldwide blockbuster in 1984, after the Olympic Games were held in the city of angels. The name followed adidas' tradition of naming their shoes after cities. The shoe was mainly designed for runners and it incorporated the patented Vario peg system, allowing customised comfort and cushioning. With the traditional design and the unique pegs, the LA Trainer has a striking design.

Care for your LA Trainers in the best possible way

Running outside can be tough on your shoes, but with the right care they will last for a very long time. Always check the care advice that comes with the shoes prior to wearing them. Never put your shoes in the washing machine. Instead, remove excess dirt with a soft brush and wipe them with a washing cloth that's been soaked in warm water. For more severe stains, add mild laundry detergent to warm water and use a cloth to gently rub off the dirt. Make sure to wipe off all the detergent. Air dry the shoes in room temperature.

LA Trainer - a shoe that evokes a sense of nostalgia

The LA Trainer has become a nostalgic classic, thanks to its simple design and the adjustable three Vario heel pegs for optimal cushioning. The shoe has an upper portion made of soft suede and mesh, providing optimal comfort and breathability. The rubber outsole provides a solid grip. The shoe evokes a strong sense of nostalgia, regardless of if you were around in 1984 or if you're simply attracted to this timeless piece.

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