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Superstar from adidas Originals - Iconic shoes

Introduced in 1969, the adidas Originals Superstar sneakers were the first all-leather, low basketball shoes. Since the original introduction, they have moved from the basketball court, via the hip-hop music scene to become a streetwear icon that is here to stay. New fans year after year are discovering this trendy icon. The classic silhouette of the sneaker is recognisable worldwide, with its basic characteristics of a smooth upper portion made of leather, three stripe detailing and an iconic shell toe. Apart form the original black-on-white colour combination, it now comes in endless colours and prints designed by superstars from the music and sports industry.

Shoes created for the basketball court, have quickly moved to the street scene - Superstars

The ground-breaking technological merits of adidas Superstar caught the awareness of the top basketball players. The rounded shell toe quickly became a must-have, not only for its protective properties but also for its cool look. It soon gained popularity and within a few years 75% of NBA players wore Superstars on the basketball court. By the 1980's these trainers were highly fashionable and the hip-hop band Run DMC made them their signature fashion choice on stage. It became so noticeable that they even wrote a song about them - "My adidas". Today, adidas Original Superstar has truly made it to the streets and we see new fresh editions every year.

How to care for adidas Original Superstars

Adidas Original Superstars come in leather, suede, printed fabric and more. Check out what yours are made of and how to best look after them. You will find product and care information in a leaflet in the shoebox, or on the internet. Generally speaking, shoes made of leather or suede should have an impregnation treatment prior to first wearing them. This will help keeping dirt and moist away from the shoes.

Adidas Original Superstar, now in a variety of looks

The classic original version features an upper portion made of white smooth leather, three black stripes, an iconic shell toe and a herringbone patterned rubber sole. Nowadays we see yearly editions of the Superstar in ultra fashionable colours and prints. The look may vary from model to model, with some having velcro straps instead of laces. There are Superstars for kids, women and men. You are bound to find your favourite pair here at Footway.

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