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Zx 700 from adidas Originals - a re-emerging legendary runner

Adidas began the Zx Series of trainers in the late 80s but little did they know it would become the vast collection of classic designs it is considered to be today. The shoe introduced a wide change in the opinion of how a running shoe should look, giving it a much more stylish appearance, the type which people of today are prepared to wear with their everyday outfits too. Adidas Zx 700 still mimics the typical 80s style, however now up-to-date with an exciting mix of real and synthetic materials and great looking fresh colours.

The Zx Series - made with functionality for long distance runners

The adidas Zx 700 trainer is part of the adidas Original range and were originally launched in the 1980's for long distance runners. Back then this shoe was way ahead of its time. With its durable, high-performance outsole it provided comfort and support when running over a range of surfaces and distances. The Zx 700 is in fact bio-mechanically built, meaning they are designed to work in harmony with the movement of your body as you run. Adidas still releases the Zx 700 today, to the delight of retro style enthusiasts who contributed to an increased demand for them once again.

Properly care for your Zx 700s

Please do take the time to read the product information and care instructions before you start wearing your Zx 700 shoes. The shoe comes in many colours and materials. Never wash you shoes in the washing machine. Simply wipe off your shoes with a damp washing cloth and clear off any dirt with a soft brush if necessary. Air dry your Zx 700s and they will look like new.

Zx 700 - today primarily a shoe for casual wear

If you are a runner, you can probably find more modern, up-to-date training shoes than the Zx 700. However, if you want a shoe that's ultra comfortable, stylish and classic then you will be more than satisfied with adidas Zx 700. Available in bright colours and more subdued shades, you will easily find a pair that goes with your individual wardrobe and image. Sizes are normal to slightly larger than normal. The sole may look somewhat robust, but thanks to the use of lightweight materials, it is still a very lightweight shoe. You get great shock absorption and stability with a pair of Zx 700.

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