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Aigle - for days when you would rather stay at home

Aigle has many shoes for the rainiest of days when most of us would prefer to not even take a step outside. However, rainy days are no excuse to stay at home, which is why Aigle provides us with excellent and colourful options for wet days when our feet need extra protection. This is a French brand and also the largest producer of wellies in the entire country of France. All the boots are handmade and they are produced with very high quality natural rubber.

Aigle, a French brand with an American founder

The creative person behind this brand is the American man Hiram Hutchinson, who moved to Paris in 1853. He wanted to create a brand that would provide high quality rubber boots for men, women and children. The collections quickly became a huge success in Paris and the success has now spread to several other parts of the world. If you want to be prepared and be able to look stylish even on days filled with rain and clouds, you need to get your hands on a pair of boots from Aigle.

Perfect details and handmade shoes from Aigle

One impressive thing about Aigle is the craftsmanship. All the boots are made by hand, which is a very complicated process yet something that the brand sticks to until this day. Once a boot has been finished it goes through several quality checks to ensure that each customer will receive a pair in excellent condition with perfect details. The brand provides boots in various colors, some have patterns, while others are more basic. There are also colourful sneakers.

Aigle online on Footway

Get a new pair of rain boots from Aigle online on Footway so that you are always prepared to walk out the door no matter what the weather is like. Footway has many other brands as well if you are looking for heels, children’s shoes and whatever else you might be interested in. You can search for a specific brand if you have a special one in mind or you can browse through our large selection of shoes. If you need more information our customer service team will be happy to answer any questions. Contact information can be found on the website. Welcome to Footway.

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