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AirStep shoes – a modern vintage accessory for the urban jungle

In recent years, the German Airstep brand has been quietly making a name for itself. With high quality craftsmanship and design revolving around a subtle vintage look with an eye for detail, the brand has much to offer the modern urbanite. The shoes are eye-catchingly unique, based on standard shoe types but with a distinctive flair that transforms them into something else. Studs and buckles commonly feature as accessories, but so do interesting cuts and panelling in the shoe material. The colours are ideal for a modern vintage look and will set off a carefully chosen urban outfit to perfection.

Care instructions for AirStep shoes

Survival in the urban jungle is all about having the right clothing. Therefore, it’s worth putting time into ensuring the survival of your clothing, with shoes being at top of the list. After months of hard wear, your shoes may start to look a little worn out. However, with some extra love and care, you can keep them looking new for longer. Waterproof your shoes before the first use to repel moisture and dirt. Wipe them down regularly to remove accumulated dust. Allow them to air dry after each use, and they will be good to go each time you want to wear them.

Style tips for AirStep shoes

When it comes to style, Airstep shoes are at the top of the food chain. The warm colours combined with the slightly stressed look of the fabric and leather gives them that true vintage feel which will add something special to any outfit. Wear the boots under a skirt, or match colours with accessories to create focus points within your outfit. The rich browns on offer lend themselves well to dark jeans and the brighter hues can be matched with sweaters or jackets.

AirStep shoes online at Footway

When you have chosen the Airstep shoes that will most complement your wardrobe, you can proceed straight to the ordering process. We have simplified each step of the procedure, so that you can finish ordering and get on with choosing new clothes to go with your shoes. You won’t have to wait too long before your new shoes arrive as we work hard to ship orders within hours of receiving them. You will surely be surprised at how quickly your new shoes arrive. Place your order today and see how quickly you can be united with your choice of Airstep shoes.

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2 results
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