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Street inspired shoes by Airwalk### Airwalk has many cool options for those who are looking for sporty and comfortable shoes that are perfect for casual wear. These shoes are trendy, yet you will not be able to see them on every other person’s feet when walking around downtown. These shoes have an urban style with sporty influences and you can easily match them with a pair of nice jeans and a t-shirt. #### Airwalk - technical shoes for skateboarders around the world

This brand was created with skateboard fashion in mind and was largely inspired by the skate culture. Airwalk was founded in 1986 and started off by designing technical shoes that were great to use while skateboarding and the rumor of the brand would eventually spread across the world. Soon every skater wanted their own pair of these fantastic shoes. The company later decided to shift focus more towards street fashion, but you can still find many sneakers in their collections. #### Support a good cause with shoes from Airwalk

Airwalk has a wide range of shoes to offer its customers and you can find everything from old-school models to trendy new designs. The shoes are very comfortable to wear and will look great with casual everyday outfits. The company is a huge supporter of the charity organization Harold Hunter Foundation, that helps young adults who are going through a tough time in life. #### Get your own pair of Airwalk shoes online on Footway

If you want more of a street inspired look, Airwalk will not disappoint. Order your pair from Footway today and enjoy a brand new set of comfortable shoes. With Footway you will experience a smooth and simple ordering process and a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Take your time and look around among a large variety of brands and all the shoes they have to offer. If you need any help, contact Footway’s professional customer service team who will be happy to assist you. Happy shopping!

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