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Allen Edmonds shoes for discerningly fashionable men

The brand was founded in 1922, when Elbert W. Allen and Bill "Pops" Edmonds first started crafting fine shoes from their first factory near Lake Michigan, USA. Since then, the range of leather shoes has been expanded to include belts, briefcases and other high-quality menswear, all reflecting the core values of timeless elegance and enduring style. The range offered at Footway includes a number of lace-up models in a range of blacks and browns. These shoes are of such high quality that you will never have to worry about whether they complement your outfit. It can be taken as given.

Caring for Allen Edmonds shoes

Many people think that the downside of high quality shoes is that they need a lot of looking after. However, once you have developed a routine, the care you give to your beautiful shoes becomes automatic, and even pleasurable. You can wipe down leather shoes, or brush them with a soft brush to remover dirt. Use fat based polish to condition the leather and be sure to always let your shoes dry naturally in the air to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate.

Style tips for Allen Edmonds shoes

Allen Edmonds shoes are an obvious brand for men who are concerned with the quality and fit of their footwear, but who do not wish to spend hours matching colours or outfits. The sophisticated workmanship of these shoes is plain to see, making them an ideal match for high quality garments and a staple go-to pair for most occasions requiring smart or smart casual footwear. Another advantage is the comfortable fit, as the Allen Edmonds brand is a master of crafting shoes to fit real men’s feet.

Allen Edmonds shoes online at Footway

Ordering shoes online should not be an unpleasant chore. Even if you are violently opposed to shopping, our advanced search facilities and simplified ordering process is quick and easy enough to satisfy your need for new shoes. We also offer a highly-trained and very friendly customer service facility, so if you are having problems, let us smooth them out and get you your new shoes in no time. With our fast delivery rates and comprehensive range, the Footway store should be the first place you think of and only place you need to visit when you are in need of new shoes.

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