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Japanese Amaort - keeping you dry

Amaort is a Japanese brand whose name means “the sound of rain”. The brand started in Japan in 2008 and ever since have been living up to their poetic names. The idea was to take on a new approach to rubber boots that would not just focus on keeping your feet dry, but they also wanted to make sure that you would be able to stand out from the crowd. Not only will you stand out from the design with a unique closure system, but they also look great as well.

From the rice paddies to the big city - Amaort shoes

With their unique closed top design, these Amaort rubber boots or wellingtons have a style that is one of their own. The idea for their take on the rubber boots came from a practical application - those who worked in the rice paddies of Japan. Due to the nature of flooded rice paddies, workers needed to come up with a way to keep their feet dry throughout the day to get the most out of their work and thus came up with the top portions closure that Amaort has made popular.

Practical and stylish Amaort shoes

If it is that time of the year when you start thinking of options to keep your feet dry due to the rain then you can look no further than Amaort. The Japanese brand has been producing rubber boots, or wellingtons, with a unique design that you will be sure to love. The top closure ensures that your feet will be dry no matter the weather, and due to their impressive color selection you will always look great. These shoes are perfect whether you are braving the rain or jumping in puddles like a kid.

Amaort online at Footway

Choose these uniquely designed rubber boots, or wellingtons, when going on Footway today. You will have your shoes in no time so you can be sure to have your feet protected from the next rainy day that comes up. Footway also has many other brands if you are in need of sandals, sneakers or boots. We have a lovely customer service team that will assist you with your ordering process, answer any questions or provide the support that you need to make your online shopping experience as smooth and easy as possible.

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