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Ambré – a reliable shoe brand from Denmark

If you have high demands when it comes to style, comfort and design, you will not settle for just any shoes. You require more than that and therefore Ambré is a shoe brand you should have a closer look at. Ever since the start they have produced top quality footwear for both men and women, with an extra touch of style. Trendy design and a clear focus on comfort and everyday functionality is the key to their success.

Ambré shoes – timeless shoe fashion

Ambré is a famous Danish shoe brand making shoes, boots and sandals. They use only the best leather and the elegance in their design makes the shoes suitable for basically any occasion.Ambré stands for quality and space. Their primary customers are fashion aware men who require quality shoes with a luxurious sense, comfortable to walk and stand in and that match equally well with blue jeans as they do with a suit. With time the brand has expanded to include shoes for women as well.

Ambré shoes – dare to care for the shoes that you wear

If you like to treat yourself with a bit of luxury occasionally, make sure it is long lasting. Look after your Ambré shoes and they will keep their good looks for a very long time. Below we give some advice on how to care for your shoes. Keep in mind that different materials work differently. The gorgeous green Ambré Suede Boots and the stylish bright brown Ambré Lth Shoe may require different care.-Leather needs nourish. Use shoe polish or grease on a regular basis to keep the leather smooth and shiny.-Suede and real leather benefit from impregnation spray. Use before wearing and then a couple of times a year, depending on how often you wear your shoes. This prevents dirt and wet marks.-Use a shoehorn when you put on your shoes and a shoe tree to keep the shape

Ambré shoes online at Footway

Ambré is one of the many brands we offer you to purchase online at Footway. Allow yourself to be inspired as you click your way through our selection of Ambré shoes and make your order today.

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