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Angel Infantes – Spanish shoe design at its very best!

Ever since the start of this company in 1996 they have understood what male feet require. Angel Infantes designs and produces top quality shoes for the contemporary man, an active guy constantly on the move. The production takes place in Almansa, a region world famous for its many shoemakers! The brand always uses the finest leather and you can count on a stylish design, which will never be nothing but modern. If your idea of trendy has anything to do with quality, these shoes are your obvious choice.

Angel Infantes - all the popular models for the different parts of your life

A modern man, like yourself, knows what he wants and he wants style. However, a stylish pair of leather shoes may match better with your dinner suit than your track suit? No worries, Angel Infantes makes shoes for all occasions. There are classic men´s shoes as well as sporty walking shoes in our Angel Infantes range. Check out the fabulous Ares or Adriano models, or go for the comfy Fabio with rubber soles or multicoloured Pol. There´s no limit to what Angel Infantes can do for your feet. No wonder this brand is so popular!

How to look after your Angel Infantes and keep up your image

Spanish shoes never go out of time. They will always be a nice compliment to your outfit, whether it is party time or simple, casual circumstances. Take good care of your shoes and they will look nice forever! There are several products that can be recommended for Angel Infantes different models and we suggest you use them on a regular basis, in order to protect the surface of your shoes in a good way.

Angel Infantes skor online på Footway

Ok, So Angel Infantes equals…- Gorgeous Spanish design- Top quality materials- Models ranging from classic to sporty- Timeless fashion

The easiest way to get your hands on a pair (and your feet into one) is to order from Footway. In just a blink of an eye, your trendy shoes will arrive and your new life begins. It´s almost too good to be true!

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