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Apepazza shoes – a brand new kind of Italian design

Trendy, different and feminine are some keywords that may be used to describe the outstanding Italian shoe brand Apepazza. These colourful creations enable outfits limited only by your own imagination, and we dare to say that Apepazza is here to stay. Italian design may still be viewed as classy and strict, however the new, upcoming Italian designers would like to add brave and cocky as new keywords, along with the classic romantic and feminine style. It´s a fine line, but they handle it well.

The history of Apepazza and some famous shoe models

Apepazza was born in the late 80s. Based on a vision of being different and a wish to add something new to the feminine shoe market, the idea took form and grew fast into a tremendous success! Today, Apepazza offers a colourful range of European style shoes - a great joy for fashionistas all over the world.Apepazza's footwear design is an eye catching phenomenon. Patterns, colours, fancy details and urban influences in a fantastic, memorable mix. Decorative pearls, multicoloured heels or fashionable black leather are some examples of what may be found in models such as Claire, Luce or Giava, but there are plenty more available in our range.

Apepazza makes a boring outfit outstanding

Since Apepazza shoes come in all sorts of colours and patterns they can easily be that single detail that makes a strickt black or white outfit look like something extra. You can also combine them with a skirt or dress and allow your legs to be displayed in a charming and positive manner. Play with the patterns and colours and create a unique look that corresponds with your character.Look after your shoes, wipe off any stains and carefully brush off dust. Follow any recommendations that may come with your chosen pair at time of purchase.

Find Apepazza in Footway´s online selection

At Footway we want what´s best for you, and if you are anything like us, you want your shopping experience to be smooth, priceworthy and fun. All this is what you get when you shop with us. Allow yourself to be inspired – get your shoe shopping done at Footway online.

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2 results
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