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Art Kids combines design with functionality/h3> Art Kids shoes are fabulous shoes for children with inspiring, creative and playful designs. This brand knows what kids want and creates many fun models that kids find appealing. The values of this company shine through in each pair of shoes. Strength, quality, innovation and humour all contribute to a healthy lifestyle for any modern person, regardless of age. Art Kids is an obvious choice for active children. This brand creates shoes that are sustainable, comfortable and of course, look great! #### Art Kids – fancy shoes since 1995

In the Art Kids range you will find a lot of comfortable and nice looking shoes – anything from super sturdy runners to cute little gold sandals. Their 2017 range is more creative than ever with patterned open toe sandals such as Fantasy Flowers or the trendy denim half boot called Grain- Fantasy Multic. Vaquero, and many other great examples. From the start in 1995, Art Kids developed into a leading brand on the children´s shoe market. Traditional methods combined with new designs and fashion details make an outstanding selection for kids who care about what they wear. The best part? Well, they never stop moving forward! #### Care for your Art Kids

There are various materials used in the production of Art Kids shoes, and thus they all demand different types of care. Leather needs impregnation spray whereas other materials may be machine washed or washed by hand. Surface dust can be brushed off gently. It is important that you follow any recommendations that you get upon your purchase. That way, your Art Kids shoes will last longer, and keep your child and your wallet happy for a long time too! #### Buy your Art Kids shoes online at Footway

It is great to buy children´s footwear online! Together with your child you can check out the different models and there´s no need to spend hours and hours in a shoe shop (which tends to be classed as quite boring if you´re under 15). As soon as they arrive your child can try them on at home, while you sit down with a cup of coffee. Your Art Kids shoes are only a few click away – and so is your coffee!

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