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Ash shoes - fashion for the fearless!

Ash shoes was started in 2000 by a collaboration between French and Italian designers. Although their range of clothing and accessories is wide, Footwear has always been the main focus. The inspiration behind the bold designs comes from a mixture of passion and forward thinking, and their iconic sport wedges have now become a sport-luxe style item among many other brands too. You can find wedge trainers and various other beautiful types of shoes in the range offered right here at Footway. Prepare your wardrobe for the arrival of a whole new type of stylish and elegant shoes!

Looking after your Ash shoes

Whether you have gone for a pair of characteristic Ash wedge trainers or a stylish boot model, the care instructions share very similar elements. Be sure to treat your shoes with a protective waterproofing agent before wearing them for the very first time. This will help to protect the shoes from both moisture and dirt when you are out and about. Allow shoes and trainers to dry fully after each time you wear them. It’s best to leave them standing on the floor for a few hours before you put them in the wardrobe so that all moisture has a chance to evaporate.

Style tips and Ash shoes

Ash shoes are said to be ideal for the fearless fashion tigers of the modern urban world. The range offered at Footway includes shoes that are suitable for festive, formal and everyday use. However, when we say everyday – we definitely don’t mean boring. The wedge trainers are particular eye-catchers and can be worn with stylish sports wear, skirts, yoga pants or smart three-quarter length trousers. The pastel colours are pale, yet definitely not lacking in flair. These shoes make an attractive addition to any wardrobe and may just become your favourite pair.

Ash shoes online at Footway

We have been sending out shoes for years, and have hit on what might be the perfect system when it comes to processing your orders, packing the shoes and sending them off to you. All of this means that you will get your shoes far quicker than you would have imagined possible, and you can start your exciting journey with them without delay. Let your new shoes take you where you have always dreamed of travelling! Any questions or problems with the ordering process, just get in touch.

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