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Audley shoes – perfect on so many levels

Would any of you women out there agree with us if we suggest shoe shopping can have the same comforting effect as a chocolate bar on a rainy day? And the nicer the shoes, the more comfort you will get, right?Audley is a choice for those who enjoy originality, fashion and elegance. Trendy women like yourself, who are curious of life, creative and brave when it comes to fashion, would clearly pick Audley as their new best friend. Interested? Read on.

Audley – history and usability

Examples of fabulous looking Audley shoes that go well with trousers as well as a tight dress are the high heels Talta in a dark green shade, or the laced model called Forin in black and beige brown. There are also more playfully coloured sandals and even standard boots in our Audley range.The Spanish shoe company Audley was founded in 1988 and has always strived to combine quality with fit, sustainability and creative design. They are made to last long and stand up to the requirements of fashion aware people of today, both in regards to design but also comfort.

Audley - wear and care

We know that you will want to wear your Audley shoes as much as possible, probably more often than you can imagine. We are all different and we all like different things, we know that, but we also know that Audley is appealing to a lot of different people. They offer fantastic shoes for women in joyful colours and quality leather. Match with white knee long pants or leggings and a beautiful blouse.Look after your Audley shoes by carefully wiping off any dirt or brushing off street dust gently. Leather requires special care and you may receive recommendations on how to care for it upon purchase.

Audley shoes available online at Footway

Since you have now found Footway you need to look no further. This paradise for shoe lovers is a meeting point for all kinds of people, but without the stressful scenarios or long queues that may occur in a regular shoe store. Audley is one of our many favourite brands and we keep a good selection in our online store for you. Check it out!

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