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Australian Luxe - outstanding shoes

A pair of nice shoes can really make your day! Whether you prefer sandals, sheepskin boots or decorated creepers, Australian Luxe is the optimal choice for anyone who appreciates trends and fashion. This is a brand that designs eye catching, stylish shoes that can appeal to even the most discerning women. Spoil your feet with Australian Luxe shoes and get comfort, design and good quality – all in the same pair!

Australian Luxe – history and renown models

Australian Luxe was founded in Melbourne ten years ago and has since challenged the traditional views on fashion. Using only the best materials and turning them into comfortable and attractive shoe models, Australia Luxe is here to stay. Each model embodies the comfort and luxury that should be a natural part of any modern woman´s everyday life.Their selection holds casual models of slippers or soft boots as well as more aesthetically decorated shoes with detailed images of dolphins and birds embroidered on the front. Their sheepskin boots are already classic and can be worn together with jeans and a furry coat for a cosy, wintery look.

Australian Luxe - when you care about your shoes

Your new Australian Luxe shoes will make a perfect match with the rest of your outfit and if you take good care of them using all recommended products for sheepskin, leather or any other materials, they will last a long time.Australia Luxe has a certain sense of detail, which tends to bring your ordinary clothes to a whole new level, just by adding a pair of shoes! Hard to imagine? Match your Australian Luxe shoes with a nice dress or a pair of fancy trousers from your wardrobe and see for yourself!

Of course you can buy Australian Luxe at Footway

At Footway we love shoes! The world has millions of modern shoe brands and we dare say that most of them (or at least the nicest ones) are available in our online store. For example, Footway has discovered the nice new brand from Australia and we already offer a few different Australia Luxe models in our selection. You are welcome to browse through our site to see what you prefer.

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