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Axelda shoes – for ultimate comfort Since 2008, the Swedish brand Axelda has delivered comfortable, stylish shoes to the people. With their ergonomic synthetic slippers, comfy sheepskin slippers and lined, warm boots, Axelda offers everything you need for a relaxed yet stylish look. Shoes from this manufacturer are renowned for their premium quality, especially when it comes to the material. Sheepskin boots and slippers are soft to wear and are sure to keep you warm and toasty when it’s cold outside. Treat yourself to a pair of comfy shoes or boots from Axelda; you are most definitely worth it!

How to care for sheepskin shoes from Axelda

Shoe care should always be based on the type of material. Many of Axelda’s shoes are made of sheepskin with soft lining on the inside for a plush and warm feeling. Caring for sheepskin and suede requires a special suede brush, often found in the shoe care section at the supermarket. Try to make all the brush strokes in the same direction, preferably towards the toes, for a smooth look. If your shoes from Axelda get dirty, brush the shoes in steam from boiling water. This will open up the fibers, making it easier for you to brush off any dirt.

Create a sleek and relaxed look with Axelda shoes

Once you start wearing shoes from Axelda, don’t be surprised if they turn out to be your new faves. Why not create an entire style based on your shoes? Depending on the colour, you can create a variety of styles. Light brown suede shoes go perfectly with a chequered shirt or a dapper winter jacket. In autumn, your shoes from Axelda look great with a nice cardigan. Perfect to carry you through the dark and cold autumn and winter months, you can expect top quality from Axelda whether you opt for high or low suede shoes, or maybe some cosy slippers.

Get your Axelda shoes from Footway

At Footway, we’ve made it convenient for you to find shoes to love. In our online store, we have footwear for the entire family, including Axelda shoes. Buying shoes from us is simple: you just click and order the shoes that you want and we will ship your order as soon as possible. Spoil yourself with a pair of slippers or shoes from Axelda for a more comfortable life. Have any questions? Our friendly customer support is here to help.

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