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Bagheera shoes are comfortable, trendy and functional

The Swedish brand Bagheera has been making functional sports clothes and shoes since 1981, so they have had ample time to perfect their range. Their shoes come in a range of styles, but always with a focus on a comfortable fit and good support for sports activities. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching pair to complement your workout clothes, a street style for hanging out, or a more muted pair for everyday use, you will find a wide selection in our range of Bagheera shoes.

How to look after your Bagheera shoes

Bright colours will stay brighter with regular care. Keep your Bagheera shoes looking fabulous by removing mud as soon as possible after getting in. Depending on the material, you can use a specially formulated cleaner, or good old-fashioned water in the form of a damp cloth that you use to wipe them down. Also good to remember is to let your shoes stand for a while in the open air to ensure that they dry out completely. Putting sweaty or damp trainers in the wardrobe is a bad idea. Think smart and leave them out for at least 12 hours to ensure that all moisture has evaporated.

Style tips for Bagheera shoes

There is no doubt that Baheera have inherited the Swedish sense of fun when it comes to colour. There are plenty of brightly coloured options among the range we offer. If you want to go for a more subtle effect, you can choose a black or white model. However, even here the Bagheera style shows itself in the patterned panelling of the design or the shape of the shoe itself. Quite simply these are not ordinary trainers and you always get a little extra for your money.

Bagheera shoes online at Footway

Whether you have recently discovered the brand or if you have been pining after a pair of Bagheera shoes for a while, Footway is the place to shop for the best online experience. We have devoted a lot of time and effort into making our shopping process as simple and easy to follow as possible. Add that to our super-fast delivery record and our humungous range, there is nothing more to wish for. Why go anywhere else? You can get the perfect pair of Bagheera shoes delivered to your door without any fuss or hassle."

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229 results
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