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Ballerina Closet – perfect shoes for work and weekend activities

Isn´t it nice when you find shoes that are just as good for the office as a wild Saturday night at the bar? Ballerina models are timeless and pure and will never go out of style. Functionality, design and comfort are suitable keywords for describing the fabulous brand Ballerina Closet. These shoes are lovely and feminine and they come in all possible different colours – which ultimately means you can buy several pairs to match with different outfits!

Ballerina Closet shoes – their history and our favourite models

Pretty new on the market and focused on a specific shoe model, this genuinely Swedish brand has already started to establish itself in people´s conscience. Inspired by anything from nature to cars, these shoes play with design and colours in a lively and cheerful way, leading up to appreciated models such as Stripeout Zebra, California Dreamin´ Pink and Jaguar. The clear shades of blue, red or yellow demand everybody´s attention and the compliments you get for your shoes will make you smile all day long.

Ballerina Closet - stylish shoes for any outfit

Ballerina Closet shoes come in different materials. Soft fabrics can be dry brushed gently if there is dust from the street on the surface, and the lacquer surface can easily be polished with a soft cloth until it shines again. Different materials require different care and we suggest you follow any recommendations carefully.You can wear your new Ballerina Closet shoes with a black skirt or a flowery summer dress and either way you will look amazing. Wear your favourite shoes to work with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or wear them with your wedding dress - a pair of Ballerina Closet shoes will look great with pretty much any outfit. That´s part of what makes them so great!

Ballerina Closet – of course you can buy them online at Footway

Have a look at our Ballerina Closet range today and spoil yourself rotten! Footway offers priceworthy shoes online in a large variety of colours, models and patterns. We are always open, no matter when you feel like buying a brand new pair of shoes!

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