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Betula shoes – a comfy ride for your feet

Betula is a division of the Birkenstock Footwear company, who has been producing quality shoes for over 200 years. While the brand was originally German, the shoes may now be found all over Europe. The main inspiration behind shoes made by the Betula brand is similar to all Birkenstock shoes – comfort and quality. Betula shoes have a specially designed footbed, which absorbs shock, supports the natural motion of the feet and generally contributes to a healthy and enjoyable walk. The Betula shoes offered by Footway are comfortable sandals in stylish shades of beige and white.

Caring for Betula shoes

Sandals usually require little in the way of care, so you won’t find yourself spending hours slaving over the care requirements for your Betula shoes. If you are planning to spend time on the beach, be sure to wipe off sand and dust after each trip to prevent the sand from becoming ingrained and damaging the surface of your sandals. You can simply use a damp cloth, and some mild detergent for stubborn stains. Allow the shoes to air dry naturally before storing or wearing them again.

Betula shoes and style

The main keyword with Betula shoes is comfort all the way. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to let your sense of style go out the window. The neutral shades of white and beige in our Betula range lend themselves well to practically all summer clothes. Whether you want to wear the shoes at a summer barbeque or for a gentle stroll along the sea-front, these shoes will keep your feet and your outfit happy. Match them with a white shirt or white accessories such as a scarf or jewellery for a great effect.

Betula shoes online at Footway

When you order a new pair of shoes online, you always hope that you won’t have to wait too long before they are delivered. With Footway, this isn’t a hope; it’s a promise. We deliver shoes fast, with our trained staff ready to spring into action as soon as we receive your order. With such a streamlined shipping system, it is also little wonder that our ordering system is a doddle to get through. No need for complicated forms and pages of terms and conditions. If you need any help placing your order, you can simply contact us by phone or email.

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