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Bikkembergs – from Antwerp to the world

Bikkembergs shoes are a gift to the world from the creative genious of Dirk Bikkemberg. The brand is originally from the Netherlands but by now exists all over the world and can be noticed on the feet of citizens from practically every country. The key features of the brand are self confidence and a direct approach to design that blends aspects of sensual fashion and the traditional strength associated with sport. One thing is sure, with a pair of these shoes on your feet you will never be able to blame your shoes for dragging down the fashion value of your outfit.

A long history behind Bikkembergs

It seems like ages ago that the brand was established in 1986, and their journey since then has been colourful and eventful. It is no easy feat to expand into so many countries, but Bikkembergs have achieved it, perhaps partially thanks to the reliability of their shoes. The energy encased in the design of the shoes is intended to reflect the potential energy of the body – an energy that you will be inspired to release once you have a pair of these light and sporty shoes on your feet.

Style tips for Bikkemberg shoes

Sporting contexts might seem like the obvious choice for these shoes, but the fact is that the shoes are more designed for casual situations. So you can pair these shoes with your favourite jeans or even slacks and go for a night out, safe in the knowledge that your shoes are keeping up their end in the style stakes. The fine construction of the shoes means that they will remain comfortable as long as they last, and with some care and attention, that can be a long time indeed.

Bikkemberg online at Footway

No online shoe selection would be complete without this brand, especially as Bikkemberg is considered to be one of the "Antwerp Six”, which is an avant-garde fashion collective straight out of the town that it is named after. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to go for a pair of these shoes, you can also think about the ease of our ordering process. When browsing through these shoes, you are only a couple of clicks away from getting them delivered straight to your door. What could be better or more rewarding than that? Nothing – that’s what!

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