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Birki’s shoes for comfort and colour!

Birki’s is a brand made by the Birkenstock company and the shoes are therefore produced according to their core values of comfort, health and style. The range of Birki’s shoes at Footway is one of our most colourful selections on offer and includes clog and sandal style shoes with suede and cork soles. Whether you need a pair of shoes for everyday use or planning a colourful holiday, choosing from the Birki’s range ensures that your feet will be healthy and happy and you will be free to concentrate on more important matters – such as your next ice cream!

Care instructions for Birki’s shoes

Birki’s shoes are the ultimate in no fuss. Not only are they easy to slip on and off, but they are so comfortable that you will almost forget that you are wearing them (only the bright colours stop you from forgetting!). This also means that they are very easy to look after. Simply wipe clean, use a mild detergent to remove stubborn patches of dirt, and allow the shoes to dry in the air. Never put your shoes on the radiator. Apart from that, there is little that needs doing.

Style tips for Birki’s shoes

If you are the kind of person who usually wears all black, then Birki’s probably isn’t the brand for you. On the other hand, maybe you are overdue for some colour in your life and Birki’s might be the ideal brand to convert you. For those who already love colour, there is little doubt that this selection offers something to satisfy the most vibrant taste. Match your shoes with a cute summer dress or skirt. You can also wear your Birki’s shoes under jeans or with shorts.

Birki’s shoes online at Footway

One of our most successful strategies at Footway is to keep good stocks of all the shoes, so that when you click the final button to send us your order, we can get straight to work in sending you the shoes. Fast delivery is one of the cornerstones of our business. The other advantages of shopping with Footway are the huge selection of models and brands, the simplicity of the ordering process and the sheer friendliness of our website and staff. We are always ready to help you with problems, so get in touch if you need any assistance.

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