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Black Lily – black shoes with colourful history

As the name would suggest, this Danish brand makes shoes that are predominantly black. However, there are also some colourful surprises that will come along for anyone who browses through the range. Whether you need a pair of boots to complete that all-important party outfit or if you need a dependable pair of pumps for work, you will not be disappointed in the Black Lily range. And with Danish design and superbly feminine expression, there is little argument to prevent you immediately settling on your favourite pair.

Black Lily shoes - over a decade of fashion and choice

You can never trust an untested brand, but luckily, with over a decade of experience, this brand is very far from being untested. On the contrary, since Lene Boesen started the brand in 2007 it has been tried in various ways and found to be perfectly acceptable in difficult markets around the world. The successes of the brand are testament to the innovative and stylish designs and the overall quality of the footwear itself. The brand offers other accessories such as scarves and bags that all offer the same level of quality and commitment to a truly fashionable look.

Express your individuality with Black Lily

The Black Lily look speaks to two extremes, the black-clothed fashionista and the highly patterned bohemian lily. The blend created by the meeting between these two is something that is hard to imagine but in reality works amazingly well. You have to see the shoes themselves to appreciate how those two ends of a spectrum can be combined into an elegant whole. Whichever fashion camp you belong to, it is impossible not to be impressed by the style sense of these shoes. Why not add a pair to your wardrobe today?

Black Lily online at Footway

Part of the secret of the success behind Black Lily, like many other brands, has been down to them making themselves highly available in a range of online contexts. The modern world is all about the online shopping. Not only do you have a wider range to choose from, but you can search in a highly specialised manner using our fantastic system of filters to narrow down your choices. If you’re already into the brand, you can use the filters to only look at Black Lily shoes and choose your perfect match from those we offer.

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4 results
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