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Blend shoes – blending causal and exceptional

Everyone has times in their life when they need to blend different opposing elements. Black and white, night and day, smart and casual. You might be attending a work event where the emphasis is on the casual look, but you still don’t want to be caught wearing your three-year old worn-out trainers. Blend offers the perfect mixture with high-quality and well-designed footwear that is dressy, but has a casual feel. You will always be right on track with a pair of Blend shoes in your wardrobe. In fact you may find yourself wearing them so often that you may come to need another pair sooner than you think.

Blend – a history of getting the right mixture

You can spot various elements of European style in the designs presented by Blend shoes. There is the solid and quietly innovative design of the Scandinavian brands lurking as a foundation, with some of the passion of southern designers as a shiny coating. Blend shoes are created to perfectly accompany the jeans made by the brand, and that’s just what they do. Whether you’re a jeans fanatic or simply a free spirit, you can find plenty to match your Blend shoes.

Keeping your Blend shoes nice

Our tips for caring for your Blend shoes can be applied to practically any pair of shoes. The important things to focus on are:1) Protection. Use a protective spray or wipe on treatment before wearing the shoes and regularly throughout their lifespan to keep out the nasty moisture.2) Drying. Always put your shoes in the open air for a while after taking them off. Let the sweat evaporate and it won’t cause damage to the shoe materials.3) Caring. Clean your shoes using the right agent for the material; a dry brush for suede, damp cloth for leather or fabric cleaner for canvas shoes.

Blend online at Footway

One of the best things about Blend shoes is that they are available right here at Footway. You don’t need to look further than our very own purple shoe store to find all the Blend shoes that you could require for your everyday footwear needs. And if Blend doesn’t offer what you want, you can use our amazingly convenient search feature to find what suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you spot something that could be improved on our website or with the ordering process.

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