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Blink - young and trendy styles

Blink is a young and modern brand with high street footwear at affordable prices. This is a sister brand to the label Bronx and they always provide the latest trends in shoes with good and reliable quality. Blink often releases huge collections of more than 500 models to give customers many options to choose from. Due to this you can be sure that they offer something for all types of outfits and needs. No one will be left out, in fact it might be quite tricky not to walk away with too many pairs as you will be entering shoe paradise.

Many years of knowledge behind the Blink brand

Blink is owned by a Dutch shoe manufacturer and designed by Krijn Dijkmans who focuses on creating a young and fresh vibe among the large selection of shoes. The brand releases 4 beautiful collections each year with inspiration taken directly from the catwalk. The thought behind the brand is to create something extra and unique that will make the owners of the shoes feel special. You can find everything from glamourous high heels to trendy sneakers and comfortable boots. The manufacturer has 125 years of experience in the shoe industry and has more than enough knowledge of how to please customers.

Blink’s vision, collection and choice of materials

Blink has a vision which is to provide stylish shoes for a great price to give customers a chance to buy more than just one pair at a time. This means that you can keep adding new additions to your closet to match different outfit combinations and to have shoes for every season. You can find colourful sneakers, trendy sandals and shiny leather boots to wear with a pair of comfortable jeans or your favourite outfit. Blink offers many different styles made of both genuine leather and synthetic materials to target a variety of people with an assortment of tastes. By offering different materials, the price point can be kept at a reasonable level.

Find your favourite pair from Blink online on Footway

Footway wants to make sure that you always have the right shoes for the right occasion. We have a large selection of footwear from Blink to suit your personal style. You can choose between many different high heels with gold detailing, studs, all the colours you can think of, open toe or maybe you would rather go for a nice pair of sandals or boots. We have many options so it will not be an easy decision, but at this generous price point it might be worth it to go for more than just one pair. No matter what you choose, Footway wants to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience shopping with us.

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88 results
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