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Blowfish shoes – Malibu style for girls around the world

The Blowfish brand is all about expecting the unexpected. The company likes to support each woman in achieving an outward expression of effortless originality, reflecting the unique nature of each amazing girl out there. With funky shapes, a nod to vintage styles and flamboyant use of colour, Blowfish shoes are impossible to ignore. Browse through the wonderful creations in the Blowfish range and sample the delights of this bright and beautiful Malibu brand. There are all kinds of models, from knee-high boots to sandalettes. All with a surprising twist on the ordinary. Prepare to be blown away.

Care instructions for Blowfish shoes

Blowfish shoes are the preferred choice of active women who live a socially vibrant life with a whirlwind of engagements and activities. All of this means that your shoes might pick up some dust and dirt along the way. However, it would be a crime to cover up those amazing colours and patterns. That’s why we recommend you wipe down your shoes after each use. If you have suede shoes, be careful to only brush them with a suede brush. Be sure to let all shoes dry out thoroughly before storing or wearing them the next time.

Style tips for Blowfish shoes

These shoes are far too pretty to be hidden away below long skirts and trousers. Draw attention to your feet by pairing your Blowfish shoes or boots with short skirts or three-quarter length trousers. You can also go for the matching concept. Pick your favourite garment – whether it’s a shirt, a dress or a piece of jewellery – and find the pair of shoes that has a matching colour or pattern. Wearing this in combination will go down a storm.

Blowfish shoes online at Footway

At Footway, we are so fond of shoes that we often feel sad when we have to send them away. But don’t worry; we console ourselves with the thought that the new owner will love the shoes even more than we do. We work hard to ship your shoes to you as soon as possible after we receive your order. This means that only seconds after you have sent off your order, your shoes are already partially along the way to you. If you are having trouble finding what you want or need help with ordering, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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17 results
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