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Blundstone shoes for the great outdoors

The Tasmanian company was founded in 1870 and has become one of the world’s most recognisable boot brands. If you are a hiker, spend a lot of time outdoors or simply prefer to wear sturdy and well-made boots in your everyday life, then this is the brand for you. Blundstone shoes blend high quality and a functional design with a stylish appearance. At Footway we have a range of models in various shades of black, brown and beige. Browse through the selection and find your new favourite pair of outdoor companions.

Caring for your Blundstone shoes

Be sure to take care of your boots after every use. Most of the boots from Blundstone are made of leather or suede, which means that a little time spent caring for them will repay dividends in extending their working life. Always place them to dry at room temperature and avoid leaving them in direct heat (such as on a radiator) or in direct sunlight. Remove dust and dirt using a soft brush and treat them with a specially formulated waterproofing agent for best results.

Style tips for Blundstone shoes

Blundstone is a brand that is irrevocably linked with the outdoor life, so wearing a pair of Blundstone boots will add a touch of the adventurer to your look. The high-quality design and materials mean that the boots can be worn in everyday life with great effects. Pair them with jeans or shorts and enjoy the comfortable fit all day long as you go about your normal routine. The elastic on the side makes them easy to put on and take off and ensures a close fit, so they are far more convenient than lace-up boots in that respect.

Blundstone shoes online at Footway

Once you have made the decision to buy a pair of quality Blundstone boots, you will want to start enjoying the experience as soon as possible. That’s where our super-fast delivery comes into its own. We are committed to sending out orders as soon as humanly possible so that you can get the shoes within a couple of days. We are also proud of the simple and easy-to-follow ordering process that you can experience on our website. In the unlikely event that you have any questions or concerns about buying shoes online, our friendly customer service will be happy to help.

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