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Boots are warm and versatile. They can be worn with trousers, skirts, leggings, tights, shorts and all other possible clothing combinations. A great pair of boots can dress an outfit up or down, depending on the style that you choose. Whether you are looking for warmly lined boots for the winter, or a lighter pair for spring or autumn, you will find an ample selection in our range. The boots also come in various different materials, including leather, suede and synthetic materials.

Care instructions for boots

It is particularly important to take care of boots as they have a larger surface area, giving more space for cracks, etc., to appear. Wipe away dust and dirt and use a conditioning agent or waterproofing liquid on your boots to ensure that the moisture from walking outside in the damp and rain does not cause the condition of your boots to deteriorate. Take just a few minutes to look after your boots every time and they will reward you by being in top condition every time you come to wear them.

Style tips for boots

Boots come in various heights, which lend themselves to different outfits. Knee high boots are ideal with jeans or with a short skirt. Ankle boots can be the perfect thing to set off your trouser suit, or for adding a touch of class when worn with knee-length skirt. If you find it awkward to walk in high heels, there are a number of flat varieties available, but why not go for something new and dare to wear a pair of heels? You may be surprised at the level of comfort you can achieve with the right fit.

Boots online at Footway

If you have questions or concerns at any stage in the ordering or payment process, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We also have a comprehensive FAQ section where you might find the answer to your question. You get fast shipping on all orders, as we keep all items in stock ready for your order. If you aren't sure which pair of boots to go for, why not use our handy filters to help you narrow down your choice? Get the perfect pair of boots with no hassle.
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Over 1 000 000 customers

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