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Eskimo shoes –warm boots for cool climates

As the name suggests, shoes offered by the Eskimo brand are designed for the colder weather of the Nordic region and are suitable for any cold climate. From stylishly cosy ankle boot varieties to full-on knee-high snow boots for the mid-winter, Footway has the range to get you through the colder months, wherever you happen to live. One nice thing about the Eskimo range is the coloured variants they offer. Make sure your boots stand out in the snow this winter with a pair of sturdy and warm Eskimos.

Care instructions for Eskimo shoes

Whether your are an outdoor snow-lover or prefer to stay indoors and watch the snow through your window, it’s certain that you will have to venture outside at some point. That’s when your Eskimo shoes will get wet and muddy in the slush. Don’t worry, they are built to withstand it, but you can help to extend their life by showing them a little care and attention from time to time. Give your Eskimo shoes a wipe down when you get home to remove mud, grit and salt. Let them dry off in a warm room, but keep them away from the radiator as direct heat can damage the materials of the shoe.

Style tips for Eskimo shoes

Winter style falls into two separate camps. The indoor camp and the outdoor camp. It’s almost like you need to have two separate outfits – an inner one that you wear indoors, and an outer one that you use to brave the elements during winter. There is no doubt that Eskimo shoes fall into the latter category, so when it comes to style, it’s all about matching your Eskimo shoes with your winter jacket or accessories. You could go for a pair of boots that match your scarf, gloves, hat or snow goggles.

Eskimo shoes online at Footway

Get ready for the winter by ordering your Eskimo shoes today! At Footway we offer over 40 models to choose from. Alongside the wide range, we also have the advantage of super-fast delivery and a great shopping experience. If you are an experienced online shopper we invite you to try out our ordering process. We have tried to make it into one of the smoothest out there, but would love to hear your feedback. Get in touch and let us know what you think.

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