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BOSS - Hugo Boss - a classic brand

Hugo Boss is a very well-known brand and is characterized by stylish, exclusive shoes and products of the highest quality. With a strong focus on leather and impeccable design, this brand will always make you feel special. More recent additions to the brand are BOSS Orange and BOSS Green, which focus on different parts of the market to give more people a taste of perfectly tailored, qualitaty footwear and apparel. A pair of shoes from Hugo Boss is a safe bet and will add a nice, clean touch to your look no matter what situation you are in.

BOSS - Long history of German quality

This premium brand was founded in Germany in 1924 by the man himself, Hugo Boss. The headquarters are still located in the same city where it all began all those years ago called Metzingen. The factory produced clothes and soldier uniforms during the Second World War and in the 1950’s they made the first famous men’s suits that the brand is still known for today. BOSS is a true high fashion brand and can be found in 110 countries all over the world with collections for men and women as well as children. You simply cannot go wrong with Hugo Boss.

Premium shoes from BOSS

BOSS is the perfect brand if you are looking for a stylish pair of shoes for a smart casual, classic look. These shoes will make any outfit look sleek and put together while also providing you with excellent comfort. The shoe production did not start until 2004 and until then the focus had been solely on clothing. Once the shoe production was established, the brand was in for rapid growth and has maintained its position as a top quality player on the market. Many of the shoes are made of nice, shiny leather which will look great with a suit or trousers for work. There are beautiful sandals for women that will go nicely with a cute skirt or maybe a floral dress and you can also find many other shoe models to choose from.

Explore BOSS online on Footway

Footway offers hundreds of high quality shoes from Hugo Boss for both men and women. The range consists of shoes appropriate for everyday wear, but also more formal occasions. There are many nice leather shoes and the colours are mostly discreet shifting between brown, black, some nudes and grey. Footway has an easy ordering process and a lovely customer service team that will help you along the way. Explore our website to discover many amazing shoes from this high fashion brand that will always make you feel confident and well-dressed when leaving your home.

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