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Bruuns Bazaar – Danish charisma and charm

This Danish brand offers a number of options for shoes, all equally stylish and exuding a certain type of sophistication that puts them at home in various settings. Both men and women have something to gain from checking out the Bruuns Bazaar range available at Footway. The vibrant designs will add a flash of daring to your outfit, but without becoming overly ostentatious. Understated elegance is what Scandinavian designers do best, and this Danish brand is definitely worthy of a place among the most well known Scandinavian fashion houses.

How Bruuns Bazaar came about

Danish fashion is particularly well respected around the world, and this shoe brand simply cannot be ignored. The brand was started in 1994 with a design concept based on quiet grace and a driving spirit of entrepreneurship and care for the customer. Today their range of shoes encompass many different styles and models, some with eye-catching patterns and colours, others with more understated flair. One thing you can say about Brunns Bazaar shoes is that they are never boring. Even the simplest designs have a certain something in the aesthetics that makes even the most disinterested person look twice.

Care tips for Bruuns Bazaar

When you have invested in a pair of highly fashionable and high quality shoes, you will want to make sure that they last for a long time and serve you well, every time you wear them. In order to preserve the new appearance of shoes, you can treat the leather with a protective spray or wipe-on formula before the first time you use them. Adding a layer of waterproof protection helps the shoes to repel any contact with mud and moisture, so that these substances do not damage the materials of the shoes.

Bruuns Bazaar online at Footway

High quality Danish shoes are not sold in just any high street store. Luckily, the Footway selection is galaxies beyond a high street range. We have one of the largest online selections, so when you search our online store, you are really searching among the biggest and best brands of the modern shoe world. You will be pleasantly surprised to find just how easy it is to find shoes in our database with the unique filtering system. We allow you to search by colour, brand, size and even shoe type. Check out our stylish silhouettes that let you define exactly what kind of shoes you’re looking for.

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