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Bugatti shoes – fashion and comfort for men and women

Bugatti shoes is a brand made and sold by the AstorMueller group which is based in Switzerland. However the development centre where an international creative team design the shoes is in Italy and the core market in Germany – although the shoes are now available in 35 countries. This international mixture has blended well to produce a collection of solidly fashionable shoes for men and women based on traditional workmanship. Bugatti also offer women’s handbags, wallets and belts in high quality leather. Generally the shoes are stylish, elegant and extremely comfortable. The last factor has been instrumental in converting many to the brand who have become life-long fans.

Care instructions for Bugatti shoes

Caring for high quality leather shoes is its own reward. If you spend time each day keeping your shoes clean and well protected, you will be rewarded with seeing them hold their shine and great appearance as the months go by. Keep your leather shoes clean by wiping them after each use. Alternatively, wait for dirt to dry and brush it off using a soft brush. You can use a conditioning polish to keep the leather supple and always be sure to keep your shoes away from heat sources such as radiators and out of direct sunlight.

Style tips for Bugatti shoes

The Footway range has shoes for men and women for both casual and formal occasions. The range of lace-up trainers is quite comprehensive for both genders and could be worn with jeans or summer clothing. On the more formal side, there are lace-up and slip on loafer style shoes in blacks and browns, which would go nicely with smart trousers or a suit. For women, the range of high heels is beautifully elegant and offers possibilities for pairing with skirt suits, smart trousers or formal dresses.

Bugatti shoes online at Footway

Bugatti shoes are known for their comfort, which is why we have to send out so many pairs each year. When it comes to ordering a pair of new shoes, the decision over which to go for is the really difficult part of the decision. In comparison, the ordering process is simple, and there is almost no waiting time before your shoes will be delivered. That’s because we keep all items in stock and ship all orders within hours of receiving them.

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