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Bulldozer shoes for durable quality

You don’t often hear of fashion brands from Bulgaria, but Bulldozer is one of the few shoe brands that has made it across the continent and become popular in Western Europe too. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this brand is the place to go for tiny stilettos and elegant heels (the name hardly gives this impression anyway). The Bulldozer brand offers shoes and boots that are as durable and reliable as the name itself. You can rely on your Bulldozers to get you through a hard working day and even carry you through some hard partying afterwards.

Bulldozer from East to West and beyond

Bulldozer was created for the Bulgarian values of versatility and excellent value. They are not shoes that you would only take out of the closet for work. This footwear has enough flair in the design that you can wear the shoes in many contexts. That’s why they have caught the eye of other European countries. The brand is now marketed throughout former Yugoslavia, Southern Europe and beyond. Find out exactly why everyone loves the Bulldozer brand and what you and your wardrobe could gain.

Bulldozer and your personal style

The beauty of Bulldozer, as with many brands, is that the shoes are plain, without being boring. The lack of excess decoration means that they act as a blank canvas for you to stamp your personality and mark on them. Depending on the model you have chosen, these shoes can fit with your working day and whatever comes afterwards. You can choose to wear the shoes with your regular jeans, or mix it up with shorts during the hot months. Don’t forget that neutral colours are best for matching with various styles, so stock up on pairs of this great and versatile footwear.

Bulldozer online at Footway

You don’t have to travel to the end of Europe to find great shoes. Many people now do most of the clothes shopping online and they will tell you that once you’ve tried it, it’s difficult to ever imagine going back to a normal store. You will find a huge range of shoes online here at Footway, including Bulldozer shoes and many more quality brands from around Europe and beyond. Pick the shoes that have caught your fancy and place them in your online basket. Complete the purchase by paying with a credit card or paypal, and your shoes will be one the way. As simple as that!

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