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Bundgaard shoes for healthy little feet

With the Danish flair and a healthy concern for the development of the feet, Bundgaard have been a successful shoe company since 1904. The philosophy of great shoes for active people has stood the Bundgaard family in good stead over three generations and is plain to see in the range of children’s footwear offered at Footway nowadays. The durability of these shoes is excellent – and holds up to the idea that children should grow out of shoes before those shoes wear out. The designs are supremely Danish with bold colours, fantastic patterns and a feel for what will appeal to younger shoe enthusiasts.

Care instructions for Bundgaard shoes

The motto of shoes for active people would be pointless without the shoes themselves being able to withstand a lot of wear. And that is certainly true of Bundgaard shoes. However, you can always help shoes to stay nice for a long time by taking good care of them. Empty out dirt and sand that may have collected inside the shoes before you go into the house. Machine wash fabric shoes, but wipe leather with a damp cloth and always leave shoes to dry away from sources of direct heat.

Style tips for Bundgaard shoes

The range at Footway includes trainers, boots and ballerinas. The latter are perfect for parties and are made in bright colours to match dresses or party clothes. Trainers are the staple of children’s everyday life and are offered in a range of styles. If you are shopping for a young relative, why not ask them about their sense of style. Many children have a well-defined sense of which colours they like and what they would rather wear. If in doubt, have the child browse online with you. Not only will you be sure of getting them the perfect pair, but you will also be teaching them the valuable skill of shopping online!

Bundgaard shoes online at Footway

Once you have decided on the perfect pair of Bundgaard shoes, all you have to do is tell us where to send the shoes, make your payment and your order will be complete. Simple, straight-forward and fuss free. If you should happen to have any questions, or if you have a more complicated order, you are very welcome to contact us by email or phone. We are friendly and love to discuss shoes, so make our day by giving the opportunity to do so!

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