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C1rca – footwear fitted for your life

The main thing you will notice about the C1rca range is the highly adaptable selection. There are many colours available, and even some patterns. Whether you need a pair of sneakers for skating activities, your urban adventures or simply to hang out at home, you can choose practically any pair and you will have great sneakers to take you through all situations and contexts. If you’re the kind of person that usually rocks neutral beige and black, why not just this once choose a pair based on colour? You could discover a new side of yourself that you haven’t got to know yet.

C1rca – quality skater sneakers since 1999

The 90s was truly the skater revolution and just because that decade has ended, it doesn’t mean that the need for high quality fashionable skater shoes has also gone away. Whether you’re a hardcore skateboarder who tours the half-pipes around Europe, or if your personal style has a hint of skate inspiration, you can gain something by checking out the selection from C1rca. The creative collection has plenty to choose from, even for people who are not the least bit interested in the skating world.

Take good care of your C1rcas

Looking after your shoes is always important, and especially if they are a pair that you want to wear regularly (as your new C1cras will doubtless be). You can do yourself a huge favour by treating your new shoes with a waterproofing agent before you put them on for the first time. The treatment helps them stay dry and clean, even when your skating sessions take you out in the rain. Another great tip is to give your shoes a quick wipe-down when you get home. You don’t need to spend ages cleaning, but brushing off dirt quickly is a great preventative measure to extend the life of the shoes.

C1rca shoes online at Footway

If you have never dipped your toe into the wonderful world of online shopping, this is a great place to take the plunge. If you’re reading this page, then a pair of C1rcas has probably caught your eye. Don’t leave them hanging around, take that step and make your purchase. We can promise that you won’t come to regret it. If you need any help with the ordering or have any questions, you can check out our FAQs, or even contact us for friendly and efficient help.

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4 results
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