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CAFèNOIR - Italian dreams of shoes

When you think about things associated with Italy, pasta and ice cream are sure to be on the list. So are Ferraris and Italian leather. It is that last ingredient that makes the fantastic shoes that you find in our CAFèNOIR collection. Such beauties do not deserve to be hidden away in this Mediterranean country, so we at Footway have made it our mission to spread the fashion of Italy to the rest of the continent. And when you check out the selection, you’ll certainly be glad we did.

CAFèNOIR – beautiful accessories and more since the 90s

For those of us who remember the 90s, it’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since that definitive decade. But that is actually the case. Since their beginning in 1997, CAFèNOIR have carved out their own niche in Florence and have been quietly building their own recipe for success. They specialise in bringing their own interpretations of well-known fashion, and their designs hit the mark time and time again. One thing to be said about the range is that the shoes are never boring or ordinary. Spice up your everyday life with a touch of Italian flair.

CAFèNOIR style and you

The great thing about the CAFèNOIR style is that it brings plenty of originality, but still leaves room for your own interpretations. You can follow the brand through their development and see how the designs have evolved in response to changing trends and have been refined with the special magic of the CAFèNOIR touch. If you’ve fallen in love with a cute pair of elegant heels, you surely won’t regret the decision to buy them. Not now and not in the future when they are still carrying you through everyday life with panache.

CAFèNOIR online at Footway

Whether you’re a true aficionado of Italian style, or are taking your first steps into Southern mode, you will find plenty to adore in this exuberant and sophisticated brand. And there’s even better news. Purchasing your very own pair of those shoes that have caught your eye is quite possibly one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. Just tell us where to send them and choose how you want to pay, and then there’s nothing to do but start planning all the parties and events where you will wear your fabulous new shoes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if anything in the ordering process poses a problem.

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