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Calou shoes – Clogs you won’t want to take off!

The Swedish Calou brand is based in Stockholm and is the brainchild of designer Carina Ek Werderitdch. While working in Italy, she started looking at the comfort and craftsmanship of traditional Swedish clogs in a whole new light. After experimenting with new materials, techniques, decorations and colours, the beginnings of the Calou brand took shape. Nowadays the range includes clog boots and high heels made with the springy and flexible materials that offer such comfort to the wearer. There is plenty to browse through in the range of Calou clogs offered by Footway, so take your time and discover the beauty and colour of these modern Swedish clogs.

Care instructions for Calou shoes

Part of the beauty of wooden clogs is that they are so easy to care for and keep clean. You can simply wipe the wooden base and allow it to dry naturally. If the upper part is made of leather, this can also be wiped clean, but be sure to protect suede from moisture, which may cause it to stain. Keep your clogs away from heat sources because wood is prone to splitting when exposed to too much heat. The same goes for leaving the shoes in direct sunlight.

Style tips for Calou shoes

These beautiful clogs are ideal to go with all types of summer outfits, regardless of whether you are wearing a long dress, a flowy skirt, shorts or a sundress. Choose a complimentary colour, or go for a nice neutral shade, which will match many things in your wardrobe. The clog boots on offer are ideal for the spring and autumn months, allowing you to keep that comfortable clog feeling while protecting your feet against the elements and the cold weather.

Calou shoes online at Footway

Nothing gives us greater pleasure in life than to wrap up a pair of beautiful shoes, ready to be sent to the latest convert to the Calou brand. Once you have made your choice, you should have no problems in placing your order using our simple and straight-forward system. We deliver fast and keep all items in stock for convenient shipping. No need to wait for items to be ordered from our suppliers. Any problems with your order, or if you have any concerns about the reality of buying shoes online, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and allow us to lay your fears to rest.

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