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Calvin Klein Jeans shoes are not only for jeans

Practically everyone has heard of the legendary Calvin Klein brand. Starting in 1968, this American designer created a range of women’s clothes, which were well received and led to the later success of his menswear and underwear lines. The Calvin Klein Jeans brand was added in 2013 and the shoes are a mixture of casual low trainers and chunky sandals, all of which are designed to go well with jeans and other casual wear. At Footway we stock both men’s and women’s shoes in the CK Jeans range and there are various models to choose from.

Caring for Calvin Klein Jeans shoes

High class shoes speak for themselves, but not if they are too dirty and scruffy. While there is something to be said for the slightly used look, a pair of dirty shoes does nobody any favours. Keep your new Calvin Klein Jeans shoes in good shape by wiping them down after you have worn them. This is particularly relevant if it was raining or muddy outside, as is often the case in spring and autumn. Let your shoes dry naturally and use a waterproofing agent from time to time to keep them in fine condition.

Style tips for Calvin Klein Jeans shoes

The obvious style tip for these shoes is to wear denim and more denim. However, you can mix up the shade of the jeans you wear, or even wear other types of fabric with these shoes. Try the chunky sandals with a summer dress or a little black number on a night out. The men’s shoes are predominantly casual which means that they also go well with shorts in the summer, or try them as a type of sports shoe for low impact walks and the like.

Calvin Klein Jeans shoes online at Footway

With the high number of Calvin Klein Jeans shoes sold, we have had to be very efficient about creating a system for quickly processing and shipping orders out to the customer. We now boast one of the fastest delivery times in the online shoe-shopping world. Place your order and your shoes will be with you in just a couple of days. Our secret? Having all items in stock is a big help when it comes to shipping without delay.

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