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Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar produces shoes and boots that remind most people of construction sites and hard working environments. The company’s goal was to create work boots that were durable and would protect the owner’s feet in tough and dusty conditions, but still be comfortable and stylish enough for everyday wear. Today, the brand has become very popular with a variety of different people and not just construction workers. The tough design appeals to fashion enthusiasts across the globe. The brand is mostly known by the name CAT and mainly produces shoes made of leather that tend to look better and better as years go by.

CAT - from construction sites to the fashion scene

Caterpillar Inc was originally a company that produced excavators and other work vehicles, but decided to take it one step further by creating work clothes. The clothes had to be durable and the collection was recognized for it’s tough design. The brand was in for rapid growth and ordinary people were requesting both clothing and shoes. Famous music performers can often be seen wearing shoes designed by CAT, especially in the hip hop industry. If you decide to pick up a pair of your own shoes from CAT, you can expect warm and durable materials with a very comfortable fit.

CAT, durable everyday shoes

With a pair of shoes from CAT you can expect to look good in all kinds of styles and outfits. You can get the classic yellow boots that look great with a pair of loose jeans and a t-shirt or maybe go for a shoe with a more natural colour that will look good with a casual outfit going into work. This is not a formal brand, it is completely focused on simple, everyday looks. The shoes are great for camping, hiking in the mountains and even in the winter to keep your feet nice and warm.

CAT shoes online on Footway

Footway is happy to announce that we offer several nice options from the brand CAT so if you are in need of durable shoes for everyday wear, pick your pair today! We have many different colours and styles to attract as many people as possible and we are sure that there will be a pair that suits your personal preferences. Our website is easy to navigate and if you need any help we are only a phone call or email away.

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