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Catarina Martins shoes – in love with Portugal

This lovely Portuguese brand is based in the dream of a fiercely independent woman who refused to stand back and let men define her life, let alone her footwear. If you are also an independent woman, or even just a lover of shoes, you’ll find plenty to admire in this brand. You can browse to your heart’s content here on Footway as we have a wide selection that includes the latest models in shoe, boot and slip-on form. Whether you usually go for muted shades or bright hues, you’ll find something that will catch your eye here.

Catarina Martins – shoes with something to say

When we think of the sensual south of Europe, it’s an image that includes plenty of passion, colour and warmth. All of these values are reflected in the fire and innovation of the fabulous Catarina Martins shoes. You cannot help but be drawn to these dynamic designs and the fresh edge-yet-vintage approach to materials and construction. There is also a healthy dose of inspiration drawn from world fashion and music trends mixed into the models. Don’t miss out on these high quality and eye-grabbing designs.

Catarina Martins with style and shoe care

When you invest money into a truly beautiful pair of shoes, you want them to last for a reasonable amount of time. That’s why it’s a great idea to take good care of your shoes. You can treat any pair of shoes with a specially formulated waterproofing agent before the first time you wear them. This will help to repel any droplets of moisture or specks of dust and dirt that might otherwise damage the surface of your shoes. Don’t forget to re-treat the shoes throughout their life, but it’s the first treatment that makes all the difference.

Catarina Martins online at Footway

If you’ve never experienced the ease of shopping at Footway, now’s your chance to find out just how easy it is. You can buy several pairs in the same order, all without needing to leave your comfy seat on the sofa. Shopping online has several advantages over the bricks and mortar version, in that it is convenient, possible to do all throughout the day and also gives you access to a wider range of shoes. We have literally hundreds of brands in our selection here at Footway. Don’t be limited by physical space; enter the virtual world of online shoe shopping.

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3 results
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