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Cheap Monday shoes for everyday flair

Not everybody hates Mondays, and it’s a great thing because otherwise we might have missed the invention of this great shoe brand. Based on the concept of everyday style at lower than fashion house prices, the shoes are perfect for people who need to strengthen their wardrobes without weakening their wallets. And there is even a strong aspect of conservation in the brand, so you can feel proud of also strengthening the environment when you invest in this brand. With many pairs designed to fit with jeans and casual wear, you will be in shoe paradise when you check out this brand.

Saving the world, one Cheap Monday at a time

Like many Swedish brands, the Cheap Monday concept came out of an idea that grew and became something of a sensation. When the fashionable Weekday store in central Stockholm started selling great quality jeans, they had no idea that the garments would sell so incredibly well. It wasn’t long until the shoes to go with those jeans came along, and the rest is history. Now with stores all over the world, fans of the brand can rest easy in the knowledge that there is always access to great-looking fashionable footwear.

Creating your very own Cheap Monday style

The jeans sold by the store that launched Cheap Monday are the perfect match with the footwear. But if you’re not a jeans person, that doesn’t mean you have to forego the brand altogether. There are plenty of other options for people who love bold designs and striking colours. You can match these shoes with black slacks for a nice effect. Take care of your shoes by wiping away dust and dirt after wearing them and always allow them to dry in the air before storing them.

Cheap Monday online at Footway

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4 results
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